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Supertech M5


The brand new SM5 helmet is the result of over five years of intense study, development and testing. The Alpinestars helmet development team has examined every possible aspect to design a safe and carefully designed helmet to offer optimal protection and comfort. The result is SM5, a lightweight helmet that features a high impact HIPRO polymer parametric shell that incorporates a special polymer blend improved by varying degrees of thickness and designed to offer the optimal combination of impact protection and lightness. The 5 density EPS liner ensures the correct density of the area for better impact absorption. Other key design features include: 1) Integrated collarbone protection that provides a raised area designed with padding to effectively reduce the forces transmitted to the collarbone. 2) Patented visor release system which ensures that the visor is released with the correct predetermined amount of force, regardless of the angle of impact. 3) Protection from oblique impacts where both the internal and external surfaces have been designed to minimize the effects of the oblique impact. 4) Ultra-ventilated design with the visor that directs air into the doors for improved air flow and emergency release system allowing easy and safe removal of the cheek pads while the helmet is still worn.

159,95 €   199,95 € VAT included