Sidi presents the cross boots for children! These boots are designed to protect children's feet to the maximum and to offer the best ergonomics for the little ones. The combination of leather, polyurethane and Techomicro (microfibre) allows incredible resistance and protection. The lining is in Cambrelle® which offers maximum comfort and flexibility. Features: - developed for children's feet - anatomical and with rigid heel - Teflon mesh - high quality rubber sole - replaceable straps

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OFFER SG12 2018


Gaerne SG12 is a rigorously tested boot equipped with a "Dual Stage Pivot" coupling system that protects the ankle in two phases, both from compression injuries and from torsion. The boots have an anatomically shaped shin that provides both protection and shock absorption. The width of the boots can easily be increased to fit various sizes. The SG12 sole has a new look and is made of a "Dual Composite" in Gaerne's anti-shock rubber that has made Gaerne soles famous all over the world. - Dual Stage Pivot System is a two-stage articulated system patented by Gaerne to allow proper movement of the ankle and protect against damage caused by twisting and compression. - The latches provide strength and stability to the leg and at the same time provide a feeling of flexibility and precision for the foot in running position. They unfasten in the event of an accident to prevent both torsion and compression injuries and contribute to the cushioning properties of the boot. - The boot is equipped with a "Grip Guard" made of durable rubber that provides exceptional grip against the bike and offers a heat resistant protection for the inside of the leg. - Anatomically molded thermoplastic shin guards offering a perfect fit, shock absorption and shin protection. By removing three screws, the leg size can be extended. - The SG12 boots are equipped with four light buckles fixed to adjustable straps. - The upper part of the boot is made of a new Swiss breathable fabric called Acronos. The material is extremely elastic and has a perfect fit to keep sand and debris out of the boot. - The boot is lined with "Gaerne Memory Cell Foam" which gives a feeling of comfort and a sturdy fit. - Heel protection is designed to absorb shocks and protect against compression.

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OFFER SG10 2018


GAERNE presents the new Cross SG10 boots. Boots with excellent comfort, innovative and ergonomic design. The lightweight upper part combines microfibre inserts and polyurethane protectors. Pivot system that prevents twisting of the ankle. Rubber on the inside of the boot, for optimal grip and protection against heat. Non-slip bi-composite rubber sole. Replaceable buckle closure. Velcro closure for a perfect adjustment.

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Ryder Kids (Child)


Boots O'Neal Ryder Kids. Motocross boots for kids and kids who want to play this sport. Comfort is guaranteed by the sole enveloping the plantar ergonomic dall'imbottitura and support to the heel. Available in black or white.

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