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Pivot Works

Pivot Works

Pivot Works is an American company specialized in the production of kits for the revision of the fundamental components for the bike, as the link progressive linkage, swingarm, fork and steering. In Italy the products are distributed by Vertex and are available in specialty stores in the form of kits bridges use. Each kit is compatible with the original parts and contains everything needed to make a complete overhaul. The quality level is similar to the original and in many cases even higher, because if in preparation technicians realize that a component can be improved to ensure make the necessary changes.

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Bearing Connections

Bearing Connections is the quick, easy and complete solution when it comes to rebuilding the moving parts of your damaged and worn-out motorcycle. Each Bearing Connections kit contains all the necessary components (bearings, gaskets, pins, spacers, collars, thrust washers and thrust bearings) needed to finish the job without having to order a long list of components. Even better, all Bearing Connections kits meet or exceed the quality of the original components they replace, which significantly reduce costs.

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