Liquid Filter Oil


This liquid oil is specially formulated for Motocross, Enduro and Trial air filters. 500ml

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Superpromo!!! XTS-C60


Fully synthetic lubricants for the most demanding user and to be used in high power engines. Available in 5 different gradations.

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SPECIAL OFFER !!! Bardahl XTC C60 Road


The use of precious synthetic bases and special polymers with high shear stability, allow to achieve extraordinary performance in terms of resistance to thermal degradation due to oxidation and tenacity of the lubricating oil film even in the most extreme conditions of use. Thanks to the Formula Polar Plus + Fullerene C60 and to a special additive for 4T engines with integrated gearbox and oil bath clutch, XTC C60 allows to enhance the efficiency of the transmission and the engine, providing greater power and better acceleration. BARDAHL XTC C60 guarantees a control of deposits and superior wear, allowing to extend the life of the engine in the maximum efficiency.

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Superofferta!!! KTS Competition 2-Stroke


Fully synthetic lubricant for 2 stroke engines of high-performance motorcycles and scooters operating at high rpm. Ideal for automatic lubrication systems and DFI. Also suitable for the manual preparation of the mixture according to the manufacturer's requirements. The unique anti-friction formula Bardahl Polar Plus forms a molecular film lubricant, staring chemically on the metal, creates a protective barrier permanent atrito and drastically reducing wear on all lubricated parts. Maximum protection anti-seize, maximum protection of the motor shaft, the connecting rod and the bearing, better performance and better efficiency of the motor. Bardahl formula ensures higher performance than conventional lubricants.

-Power Improver: increased engine power (contains Bardahl Octane Booster)
-Maximum protection against wear and seizure
-Top engine cleanliness
-Formula "Low Ash": reduces deposits of high temperature
-Technology Smokeless
-Formula 100% synthetic

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SUPEROFFERTA!!! Repsol 4T Off Road


Recommended 4T motor lubricant, both small and large. Manufactured with synthetic bases, it is ideal for sports driving. Among the main features it greatly facilitates cold start, reduces fuel consumption and lubrication and increases the oil change interval. Perfectly suitable for clutch discs avoiding slippage and premature wear in joint engine lubrication systems and transmission (oil bath clutch).

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Eni I-Ride


From Eni research comes this lubricant for motorcycles of high performance, capable of ensuring power, high performance and reliability for all the engines to be used prolonged and very intense.

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Synthetic lubricant for all 2-stroke scooter. Its formulation prevents the formation of deposits in the engine and exhaust. 1litro

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