The jersey cross O'Neal Element is a soft, breezy jersey with breathable polyester sleeves. The mesh has the longest rear part which helps to keep it tucked in the trousers while driving. Elbows slightly padded and comfortable collar with V make the mesh compatible with the use of protective collars. The pants are equipped with flexible elastic panels and adjustable waist strap for a better fit in the driving position. The strategically positioned ventilation ports provide a higher level of comfort inside the pants. Knitting: - Made of durable and robust breathable polyester which makes the resistant vest and breezy. - Sublimated graphics that does not fade and makes the knitted fresh longer. - The longest back helps keep the jersey tucked into pants in the driving position. - Filling in integrated elbows. - Comfortable V Neck which makes the jersey compatible with protective collars. Pants: - Made of durable and sturdy polyester which makes the trousers. - Strategically placed elastic panels that increase the freedom of movement and provide a better fit in the driving position. - Adjustable waist belt for a custom fit. - Ventilation doors coated in rubber on the thighs and knees to improve the look and offer a pleasant ventilation inside the pants. - Comfortable and soft anklet making the pants easy to put into boots.

99,00 € VAT included

PROMOTION !!!! O'Neal Hardwear


The pants Hardwear are the lightest in the range. Ultra resistant polyester material. Adjustable belt integrated 360 °. Security Patch lightweight rubber. Extra long leather heat shield. Wide accordion knees for greater freedom of movement. Applications in spandex for greater elasticity. Made of 100% polyester mesh for added breathability.

129,91 € VAT included