Petrol additives



Hi Test - Octane Booster


Additive for fuels for 2t and 4t engines. Eliminates detonations and pre-ignitions by changing the combustion speed and the ignition temperature. Prevents engine damage and power losses. Cleans the engine fuel system. Does not affect the plastic of the tank. Increase the base fuel up to 4 octane. Use: 1 to 3 ounces per gallon (1 ounce approx. 28 ml, 1 gallon approx. 4.5 liters) 28 ml per 4.5 liters of fuel increase the octane volume by about 4 points. For racing use, engines with very high compression or very low base fuel quality, more concentration may be required.

9,00 € VAT included


Top Benzina


Multifunctional additive for gasoline, formulated for the cleaning and protection of the injection system, the valves and the combustion chamber. Lubricates and protects the entire fuel system, cleans the injectors improving the efficiency and yield of the motor, disperses impurities and allows a total combustion of the fuel and an improved energy efficiency. It keeps clean the injectors allowing the optimum fuel atomisation, inhibits the accumulation of deposits on the valves and in the combustion chamber.

7,50 € VAT included


Fuel Injector Cleaner


It 'a detergent additive for fuels with excellent water and moisture dispersion properties. It 'was designed to combat the most common problems of the injectors and the injection system of gasoline engines in normal and green. It cleans the power circuit, the mains, the pump, the injector nozzles, the valves and the combustion chamber. Reduces excessive consumption of fuel, it facilitates cold starts and restores engine performance, reduces gases and polluting exhaust fumes (HC, CO and NOx) and helps the establishment of compliance according to the new anti-pollution standards.

11,00 € VAT included