Leatt GPX Club (Youth)


The trunk support GPX Club generously sized, front and rear panels are adjustable in seconds by turning the two front and rear adjustment screws can variale the collar angle, thereby increasing or reducing the excursion on the basis of their needs or simply the helmet type, significantly increasing the longevity of the product. GPX Club has the polycarbonate structure which makes it lighter and stiffer, the padding open cell, fastened with snap clips, is completely removable to be washed. It comes with a side thickness of 0-10-20-30 kit, the thickness to vary the angle of the trunk support, the key, the suspenders (not necessary if the collar is set correctly) and the instruction manual Italian.

150,00 € VAT included

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O'neal - Tyrant


Ergonomic knee pad. High comfort on the extended knee, shin and thigh protection. The knee is covered widely, thanks to the double joint, the patella is always in the right position.

65,62 €   89,90 € VAT included

O'neal - Pro II Knee Cups


Wear the O'Neal Pro II Knee Cups knee pads to keep you safe during your motorbike outings. Value for money really exceptional.

19,90 € VAT included

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UFO Plastic - Street Body 2

Ufo Plast

Adjustable waist belt. Breathable materials.

32,99 €   43,98 € VAT included