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ACERBIS - Kignol


It limits the compression of the fork during transport, when the hydraulic seals of the suspension are stressed by the compression exerted by the motorcycle alloy belts. It can be positioned easily by snapping onto the forks between the front wheel and the front mudguard, making the bike more stable. Can be used for transport with trolley, van and pick-up. Adhesive table in the center with the possibility of customization with a marker. Including handle-saving and wall-saving cap, to be used to avoid chafing between the knob and the side wall of the van or walls and knob-on-knob contacts when transporting more motorcycles on the trolley. The cap can be used with and without closed handguard. Resistant and light. Quick installation.

15,96 €   19,95 € VAT included

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UFO Plast

Ufo Plast

Support saves forks ideal for transport in the bike on the truck and the van. Useful and easy to use, avoids having too much load on the springs of spades.

15,65 €   20,87 € VAT included