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Siachen - Refreshing Bodice

Ufo Plast

The SIACHEN bodice with INUTEQ-DRY® technology with a cooling effect for evaporation is comfortable, adheres to the body and is light. It does not provide refrigeration or chemical products. Reduces thermal stress and fatigue, ensuring a pleasant feeling of coolness and better performance. Thanks to the exclusive technology used, it does not moisten or wet. This is why the gilet can be worn under other clothes. INUTEQ-DRY® products are designed to be worn in environments with no extreme temperatures and offer the best performance in low and medium humidity conditions. The intensity of the flow of air on the body determines the effect and duration of the refreshing action. Product features: - Exclusive cooling technology - 100% dry inside and outside - Machine washable, antibacterial properties - Easy to use and reuse - Light, non-toxic, long-lasting - Refreshing effect up to 15 ° C / 59 ° F less than the ambient temperature - Offers up to 3 days of refreshing effect, based on temperature, airflow, humidity levels INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (1) Enter 0.5 L of fresh water in the watertight opening on the back (2) Close the watertight opening and spread the open vest on a flat surface (3) Pass the hands over the vest to drain the water inside it so that it is channeled in all its internal parts (4) Before putting on the vest, expel excess water and let it come out of the watertight opening on the back. Once the cooling effect has been used, repeat the operation from point 1 to point 4.

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