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Mobius X8


The Mobius X8 wristwatch incorporates the innovative CCRS technology (patented continuous cable system) that provides maximum support for wrist joints with excellent mobility and a progressive resistance to hyperhydration, minimizing the risk of ligament injury or bones. The CCRS system dynamically changes the cable tension in harmony with the mobility of the wrist, thus avoiding excessive and excessive twist (lateral and medial) twists. Adjusting the ring allows you to reach the desired comfort with ease, and the articulation bending degree can be limited from 10 to 70 degrees with a simple adjustment screw. When an unnatural twisting force or hyper extension extends to the wrist, the cable becomes progressively tighter around it, preventing unwanted movement that could cause injury to ligaments or bones. The innovative CCRS project wraps the wrist joints both longitudinally and transversely. This system resists the extrusion just as natural ligaments do, keeping the wrist joints secure by reinforcing the internal ligaments on the wrist. The CCRS system clamps together the various parts of the guard (metacarpal shell, ulna shell and back patella) avoiding the guard's movements on the wrist. The guard is internally padded with EVA padding for optimal comfort and is designed to leave the palm free and allow better grip on the knob. The Mobius X8 guard for the wrist is symmetrical (no right and left).

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wrist support for those who have problems scaphoid. Nylon with thicknesses can be inserted to reduce the mobility.

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Support wrist and thumb neoprene with Velcro closure.

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